Sunday, March 24, 2019

Image: Hanuman and the herb mountain

Hanuman and the herb mountain

(Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok)

More information from the NCPedia website:
Hanuman climbs a mountain to obtain herbal medicine ingredients, as seen in a mural at the Emerald Buddha Temple. A giant white Hanuman scales a mountain about double his height to find medicinal herbs for Laksman. Hanuman's arms are stretched upward and he wears golden clothes and ornaments. Hanuman's smaller monkey troops follow behind him, running on the ground and waving their swords. Two house roofs are visible at right and the sun is covered with aqua-colored clouds.

In the Ramayana story, when Hanuman tries to delay time by physically stopping the Sun, the Sun replies that is not possible. Instead, the Sun offers to rise the next morning covered by clouds so that Hanuman has enough time to collect the herbs needed to heal Laksman's poisoned spear wound before the deadline set for Laksman's death.

From the Thai Rubbings website:

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