Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Image: Jatayu Attempts to Rescue Sita from Ravana

Jatayu Attempts to Rescue Sita from Ravana

Indian terra cotta, circa 400-500 C.E.

More about Jatayu, Sita, and Ravana at Wikipedia.

Image: Cosmic Shiva

Cosmic Shiva
India, Mandi, circa 1850

More about Shiva at Wikipedia.

From the Museum site: Portrayed in an unusual dancing pose, the cosmic Shiva is shown with five heads and eighteen arms that bear weapons and ritual instruments. Shiva has a hermit's piled-up hair on his upper heads, in front of which a crescent moon appears. The wavy white line at the right is the Ganges River, which descends from Shiva's hair when he is residing in his mountain hideaway.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Image: Indra

by Sudhansu Ajaudharany (ca. 1930)

The San Diego Museum of Art at Flickr.

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Image: Rama Pronounces Judgment

Thai Rubbing from the West Wall of the Temple of Wat Po, Bangkok; Rama Asks Sugrib to Decide Punishment for Hanuman and Nilabad; forms complete illustration with 1960.4.87

More information from the Thai Temple Rubbings website

Image: Happy Reign

Rama reigns happily as king.
(British Library: Mewar Ramayana)

From the Library site: The seventh and last book begins with Rama and Sita enthroned in Ayodhya, where Rama questions the various assembled sages about the history of Ravana and his ancestors. The resulting answers take up half of the book. When the story begins again, Rama and Sita are seen together relaxing and enjoying wine and music played by nymphs in the ashoka grove filled with wonderful trees, flowers and fruits in the gardens of the palace at Ayodhya. These are their last untroubled moments together.