Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Vatsala article

from Abhimanyu's Marriage and Death:

The Chakravyuha and Military Formation
Scene from the Mahabharata War, Belur, Halebid

Meeting of Duryodhana and Vatsala’s Father

Subhadra Tells Abhimanyu that his Engagement to Vatsala has been Annulled

Disguised Ghatotkacha Arriving at Vatsala’s

Ghatotkacha Abducting Vatsala

Disguised Ghatotkacha in Vatsala’s House

Hidimba Reveals their Identity

Subhadra and Abhimanyu Converse as Ghatotkacha Lies Unconscious

Ghatotkacha Revives and Embraces Cousin Abhimanyu While the Two Mothers also Embrace

Vatsala and Abhimanyu being Blessed by Elders

Drummer and Horn Player at the Marriage of Abhimanyu and Vatsala

Blessing of the Groom and Bride with Ghatotkacha

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