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PDE Mahabharata: Indraprastha

Reading Guide. Finally, Yudhishthira becomes a king in his own right, building a great royal stronghold at Indraprastha on the river Yamuna.

Source. Indian Myth and Legend by Donald A. Mackenzie (1913). [300 words]

Wife of Five | 29. Indraprastha | Ulupi

Now when Duryodhana came to know that the Pandava brethren were still alive and had formed a powerful alliance with Drupada, he was moved to jealous wrath. A great council was held, at which the young men clamored for war and the grave elders spoke in favor of peace. At length it was agreed that the Pandava princes should be invited to return to Hastinapura so that the raj might be divided between them and the sons of Dhritarashtra. Then Vidura was sent to Panchala to speak with the Rajah Drupada and his sons-in-law regarding this matter.

The Pandava brethren returned to Hastinapura with Vidura. They took with them their mother, Queen Kunti, and their wife, Draupadi, and the people went forth in great multitudes and bade them glad welcome. Then there was much rejoicing and many banquets.

At length Dhritarashtra spake unto Yudhishthira and his brethren and said, "I will now divide the raj between you and my sons. Your share will be the south-western country of Khandavaprastha."

Said Bhishma, "The maharajah hath spoken wisely. It is meet that you should depart unto the country of Khandavaprastha as he hath decreed."

So the Pandava princes bade farewell to all their kinsmen and to wise Drona, and they went towards their own country. On the banks of the Yamuna they built a strong fort, and in time they made a great clearance in the forest. When they had gathered together the people who were subject unto them, they erected a great and wonderful city like unto the city of Indra, and it was called Indraprastha. High walls, which resembled the Mandara mountain, were built round about, and these were surrounded by a deep moat wide as the sea.

In time the fame of Rajah Yudhishthira went far and wide. He ruled with wisdom and with power, and he had great piety. Forest robbers were pursued constantly and put to death, and wrongdoers were ever brought to justice; indeed, the people who suffered from evildoing went before the rajah as children go before a father seeking redress.

Wife of Five | Indraprastha | Ulupi

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