Thursday, December 13, 2012

Image Management

Adding/Finalizing an Image post in the Indian Epics Resources blog.

1. Edit post title to make it as descriptive as possible. Image: xxx
2. Check to see if there are any detail views of the image worth adding.
3. Check to make sure that the image source goes to Wikimedia Commons, not the Wikipedia page.
4. Add additional information to the image description, including Wikipedia links where applicable. Make sure description includes key words to aid in searching.
5. Check labels:
Images: Ramayana
Images: Mahabharata
Images: (name of character)
6. Pinterest: make sure to pin the image and add label imagepinned.
7. Add post1level label.
8. Change to today's date.
9. DiigoImages label... and then make sure there is a Diigo entry for the Wikimedia page, with the post title as the entry title and the blog post address in the note field.
10. Then... change post1level to post1leveltw after tweeting.

Just Harvesting Images.

1. Make sure linking to Wikimedia Commons or Flickr specific image page, etc.
2. Add tags: India IE IEimages notblogged
3. Make note in harvest diary below about progress:

May 3: did a good job with Shabari, Dasharatha, Kausalya, Vishvamitra.

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