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PDE Ramayana: The March on Lanka

Reading Guide. Hanuman and his army return to where King Sugriva and Rama await them. Now it is time to march on Lanka! The text mentions in passing that Rama feared the magic of the rakshasas; if you are interested in that fascinating topic, be sure to check out the story of Mahiravana, Ravana's magician son.

Image: The illustration shows Rama and Lakshmana traveling on the backs of monkeys; as you will learn from the reading, they will also have bears in their army.

SourceMyths of the Hindus and Buddhists by Sister Nivedita (1914). [200 words]

Lanka Burning | 58. The March on Lanka | Ravana's Court

Sugriva spoke and issued orders for a march of all the host toward the far south to lay a siege to Lanka, while Hanuman reported to Rama all that he had learnt of the strength and fortifications of the city, saying, "Do thou regard the city as already taken, for I alone have laid it waste, and it will be an easy matter for such a host as this to utterly destroy it."

Now the monkey army went on its way, led by Sugriva and Rama, and the monkeys skipped for joy and bounded gleefully and sported one with another. With them went many friendly bears, ruled by Jambavan, guarding the rear.

Passing over many mountains and delightful forests, the army came at length to Mahendra, and beheld the sea before them; thence they marched to the very shore, beside the wave-washed rocks, and made their camp. They covered all the shore, like a second sea beside the tossing waves.

Then Rama summoned a council to devise a means for crossing over the ocean, and a guard was set, and orders issued that none should wander, for he feared the magic of the rakshasas.

Lanka Burning | The March on Lanka | Ravana's Court

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