Saturday, August 17, 2013

Music: Maati Baani. Tore Matware Naina

Here is a video of Maati Baani with the French singer Joy Shanti, and you can find out more about the song at the YouTube page:

We were inspired to do this song while at Amritapuri, Amma's Ashram in Kerala. When we heard JoyShanti, a Jazz/Blues vocalist from France, we were simply amazed by her energy and requested her to do a song with us! We recorded and shot her on the location on Azheekkal beach amidst all the strange looks from the people! While back in Mumbai, we recorded all the other musicians including us. The flautist Naushadbhai, a flute seller and Bashirbhai on Pinjara( a cotton carder, its not a musical instrument! )were walking down the lane outside our studio. Struck by their unusual sound, we recorded their parts for the song! The lyrics in Braj language were adapted from the works of great poet Shri " Laghulaal" from Kutchh. The French lyrics are by JoyShanti.

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