Thursday, July 10, 2014

Image: Rama goes into the river

Rama goes into the river
(British Library: Mewar Ramayana)

From the Library site: Rama resolved to resume his place in heaven as Visnu and left his kingdom to his twin sons. In this last painting in the entire manuscript Rama and his procession reach the banks of the river Sarayu outside Ayodhya, while Brahma and the other gods appear above to witness Rama's ascent. Rama enters the waters at bottom left and ascends to heaven. His brothers, monkeys, bears and other humans accompany him. They willingly sacrifice their lives in order to ascend to heaven with him. This delightful painting depicts the entire populace of Ayodhya witnessing the heavenly event, some plunging into the waters in order to attain moksa or liberation. They are shown ascending to the celestial realm with Rama at top left.


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