Monday, December 12, 2016

Image: Ravana comes to Sita in disguise

Ravana comes to Sita in disguise

(Image source: a painting from the British Museum)

You can read more about Ravana and Sita at Wikipedia.


More information from the British Museum description: Watercolour painting on paper of Ravaṇa, disguised as a sanyasi (renouncer) visiting Sīta in her forest dwelling. Sīta is shown seated on a mat on the floor, wearing an ornate red and gold sari. She has a large nose ring and jewellery on her forehead and her hands are decorated with henna. Around her head emerge golden rays creating a halo. She offers Ravaṇa a bowl of fruit, with more containers surrounding her on the floor. Ravaṇa is shown as a thin man wearing only a loincloth and a turban. He carries a bag over his right shoulder and holds a walking stick in his left. In his right hand he holds a begging bowl. He stands in the doorway of the building. The painting is surrounded by a black border.

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