Thursday, February 15, 2018

Image: Rama and Hanuman

Rama sends Hanuman to Lanka
circa 1820

From the Museum site: A scene from the Ramayana. Rama instructing Hanuman to go to Sri Lanka to search for Sita. Lakshmana stands on the left.

See also at the British Museum:

From the Museum site: Opaque watercolour painting of a green-complexioned Rāma, seated beneath a tree on a hillock, instructing Hanumān. His right hand, with a conspicuous signet ring on the small finger, is in jnana mudra, and his left rests on the ground. Slung over his right shoulder are his bow and quiver. To the left of the page, the gold-complexioned Lakṣmaṇa waits in attendance with hands folded in anjali mudra. He carries bow and quiver slung over his right shoulder. Both wear a jata makuta (crown of matted hair), symbolizing their status as exiles. Hanumān, also with a green complexion, stands with hands in anjali mudra, listening attentively to Rāma’s words. He wears a short lower garment, the golden tirukkorampam (headdress) around his head, and a bell tied to his tail. Trees, bushes and tufts of grass grow on the slopes of the diminutive hillock.


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