Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Image: Rama Leaves Ayodhya

Rama Leaves Ayodhya
(British Library: Mewar Ramayana)

From the Library site: Rama and his brother Laksmana come to their father prior to Rama's installation as regent. He averts his gaze and leaves it to Kaikeyi to inform Rama of his banishment and the installation of Bharata in his place. Rama calmly accepts his fate and goes to take leave of his mother, Kausalya. He and his brother first pass by the Brahmins preparing the sacrifice at his installation and he reverences the sacred articles. They then meet the aged Brahmins at his mother's gate and find Kausalya herself dressed in white and worshipping a small image of Visnu. She falls prostrate on hearing of Rama's banishment, and clasps him, lamenting.

Detail: Rama, Lakshmana, Kaushalya

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