Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Image: Mandodari Rebukes Ravana

Mandodari Rebukes Ravana
circa 1605

You can read more about Mandodari at Wikipedia.

From the Museum site: After finally locating his abducted wife, Rama plans an assault on the island fortress of Lanka, where she has been imprisoned. As the threat of battle looms, several of Ravana's associates attempt to persuade the demon king to return Sita to her husband. Among them is Mandodari, Ravana's principal wife. In this painting Mandodari is accompanied by another woman, probably a maidservant, as she approaches Ravana in his palace chambers. Rama, identified by his blue skin, stands near his white-skinned brother Lakshmana in the lower-right-hand portion of this painting. The pair are joined by several of their monkey allies. Three of Ravana's demon guards patrol the palace and its grounds.


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