Friday, February 4, 2022

Ramayana Online: Public Domain Edition

This is a Public Domain Edition of the Ramayana, and you will find links to the 80 pages below. Each page contains text from an existing public domain translation of the Ramayana along with some comments from me, plus an illustration on each page, and also lots of links to help you explore the story in more detail. And now... there is audio, read by yours truly; you will see the SoundCloud segments embedded in each page. I hope you will find it an enjoyable and useful approach to the epic.

The reading is divided into four parts — Parts A, B, C, and D — for two weeks' worth of reading (two parts per week).

There are links to the individual posts below, and you can also use this link — PDE Ramayana — to see multiple posts on a page, spread out over five very big webpages (just click the "older posts" link at the bottom of each page to go on to the next page).

Hanuman, Rama, and Lakshmana attack Ravana

Sources used: M. Dutt, R. Dutt, Gould, Griffith, Hodgson, Mackenzie, Nivedita, Oman, Richardson, and Ryder.

Reading Part A
  1. King Dasharatha
  2. Dasharatha's Sons
  3. Rama: Avatar of Vishnu
  4. Vishvamitra
  5. Thataka
  6. Bhagiratha and Ganga
  7. Ahalya
  8. Sita
  9. King Janaka
  10. Rama Wins Sita
  11. Parashurama
  12. Rama and Sita's Wedding
  13. Rama the Heir Apparent
  14. Manthara and Kaikeyi
  15. Kaikeyi and Dasharatha
  16. Rama is Banished
  17. Rama Goes into Exile
  18. Crossing the River
  19. Dasharatha's Karma
  20. Dasharatha's Death
Reading Part B
  1. Bharata Returns
  2. Dasharatha's Funeral
  3. Rama and Bharata
  4. The Sandals
  5. Anasuya
  6. Viradha
  7. Agastya
  8. Shurpanakha and Rama
  9. Lakshmana and Shurpanakha
  10. Battle with Khara
  11. Shurpanakha and Ravana
  12. Ravana and Maricha
  13. The Golden Deer
  14. The Chase
  15. Ravana and Sita
  16. Jatayu and Ravana
  17. Sita in Lanka
  18. Rama and Jatayu
  19. Kabandha
  20. Shabari
Reading Part C
  1. Sugriva and Hanuman
  2. Sugriva's Story
  3. Sugriva and Vali
  4. Vali's Death
  5. King Sugriva
  6. The Rainy Season
  7. The Armies
  8. Sampati
  9. Sampati and Jatayu
  10. Hanuman's Leap
  11. Hanuman in Lanka
  12. The Ashoka Grove
  13. Sita and Ravana
  14. Hanuman and Sita
  15. Hanuman Captured
  16. Hanuman and Ravana
  17. The Burning of Lanka
  18. The March on Lanka
  19. Ravana's Court
  20. Vibhishana
Reading Part D
  1. The Bridge
  2. Rama Attacks
  3. Indrajit
  4. Kumbhakarna
  5. Hanuman and the Mountain
  6. Lakshmana and Indrajit
  7. Ravana's Lament
  8. Ravana and Lakshmana
  9. Indra's Chariot
  10. Battle of Rama and Ravana
  11. Ravana's Death
  12. Mandodari's Lament
  13. Sita and Rama
  14. Sita Tested
  15. Pushpaka
  16. Rama and Bharata
  17. Rama Crowned King
  18. Valmiki's Hermitage
  19. Sita Departs
  20. Rama Departs