Friday, February 4, 2022

Mahabharata Online: Public Domain Edition

The first version of the evolving Public Domain Edition of the Mahabharata is now in production! You will find links to the 80 pages below, and each page will contain text from an existing public domain translation of the Mahabharata along with some comments from me, plus an illustration on each page, and also lots of links to help you explore the story in more detail. And... there is audio too! I hope you will find it an enjoyable and useful approach to the epic. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome; feel free to comment here at the blog or contact me by email,

There are links to the individual posts below, and you can also use this link — PDE Mahabharata — to see multiple posts on a page, spread out over several very big webpages (just click the "older posts" link at the bottom of each page to go on to the next page).

Arjuna statue in Bali

Reading Part A
  1. Vyasa and Ganesha
  2. King Shantanu and Ganga
  3. King Shantanu and Satyavati
  4. Devavrata's Vow
  5. Bhishma at the Swayamvara
  6. Amba
  7. Dhritarashtra and Pandu
  8. Kunti and Her Son
  9. Pandu and His Wives
  10. The Sons of Pandu
  11. Gandhari and Dhritarashtra
  12. Pandavas and Kauravas
  13. Bhima and the Nagas
  14. Drona
  15. Drona Trains the Princes
  16. Ekalavya
  17. The Contest
  18. The Arrival of Karna
  19. Drona's Revenge
  20. Duryodhana's Jealousy
Reading Part B
  1. The House of Fire
  2. Bhima and Hidimba
  3. Bhima and Hidimbi
  4. Bhima and Baka
  5. Birth of Draupadi
  6. Draupadi's Swayamwara
  7. Wife of the Five Pandavas
  8. The Story of Nalayani
  9. Indraprastha
  10. Arjuna and Ulupi
  11. Arjuna and the Apsaras
  12. Arjuna and Chitra
  13. Arjuna and Subhadra
  14. The Burning of the Forest
  15. Maya's Palace
  16. The Pandavas Victorious
  17. The Gambling Match
  18. Draupadi Lost
  19. Draupadi in the Assembly Hall
  20. The Second Match
Reading Part C
  1. Life in the Forest
  2. Krishna's Visit
  3. Arjuna and Shiva
  4. Arjuna and Indra
  5. The Himalayas
  6. Bhima and Hanuman
  7. Duryodhana and the Gandharvas
  8. Karna and Indra
  9. Jayadratha and Draupadi
  10. Riddles at the Lake
  11. The Court of King Virata
  12. Bhima and Kichaka
  13. The Cattle Raid
  14. Preparations for War
  15. Krishna and His Army
  16. Krishna's Mission to the Kauravas
  17. Krishna and Karna
  18. The Armies at Kurukshetra
  19. Bhagavad-Gita
  20. The Battle Begins
Reading Part D
  1. Bhishma Falls
  2. Drona in Command
  3. Abhimanyu and Jayadratha
  4. Ghatotkacha
  5. Death of Drona
  6. Bhima and Duhshasana
  7. Arjuna and Karna
  8. Duryodhana in the Lake
  9. The Raid
  10. Ashwatthaman's Jewel
  11. Mourning
  12. The Pandavas and Bhishma
  13. King Yudhishthira's Horse
  14. Parikshit
  15. Horse Sacrifice
  16. The Mongoose
  17. The Forest and its Ghosts
  18. Death of Krishna
  19. The Pandavas Depart
  20. The Afterlife