Friday, January 13, 2017

Image: Churning with Mount Mandara

The Churning of the Ocean
Tamil Nadu, circa 1850

You can read more about the Samudra manthan at Wikipedia.

From the Museum site: Viṣṇu, shown here as Kūrma, supports Mount Mandara on his shell, around which the five-headed serpent Vásuki is coiled. At the summit of the mountain is a temple topped by a golden roof on which are four golden kalashas. Near the heads of Vásuki stands a dark skinned figure sporting a Shaiva tripundra (three lines) on his forehead and a moustache, clad in short trousers. Near its tail is Vali, with a Vaishnava namam (emblem), dressed in courtly attire and wearing a crown. These two figures represent the asuras and devas who pull Vásuki's head and tail.

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