Friday, January 13, 2017

Image: Rama and Sita Enthroned

Rama and Sita Enthroned
Thanjavur, circa 1830

From the Museum site: Opaque watercolour painting of Rāma and Sīta, enthroned in a palatial hall in Ayodhya, surrounded by Rāma’s three brothers – Lakṣmaṇa, Bharata holding a fly whisk and Shatrughna carrying the umbrella – and the seven mythical rishis. In the foreground Hanumān sits on his coiled tail supporting Rāma’s foot and a priest performs the fire oblation amid Rāma’s allies and courtiers. At the left, Sugriva distributes presents to the guests. A horse and an elephant, symbols of kingship, are at the bottom of the page.

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