Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Image: Hanuman Carries Medicine Hill

Hanuman Carries Medicine Hill
circa 1830

From the Museum site: Opaque watercolour painting of Hanumān, the monkey-hero and devotee of Rama, returning from his journey to the Himalayas, carrying the mountain of healing herbs, the sanjivini parvatam, to restore to life Lakṣmaṇa and Rama’s allies fallen on the battlefield. Tufts of grass can be seen on the flanks of the mountain. On its summit is a temple with a golden roof adorned with four golden kalashas (water pots) pinnacles. Hanumān has a green complexion except for his reddish face and sharp fangs which protrude from his mouth. On his head is his tirukkorampam, a golden fillet with flower-shaped decorative elements; he wears a golden kavacha (armour) on his chest, with a short lower garment tied at the waist by a sash.


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