Saturday, January 14, 2017

Image: Hanuman

Hanuman and the Medicine Hill
late 19th century
(British Museum)

For more about Hanuman and the Medicine Hill see Wikipedia.

More information from the Museum site: Painting on paper of Hanumān depicted in pratyalidha, carrying in his right hand the mountain on which grow the healing herbs, his left hand raised and extended. Atop the mountain is a small temple of which only the roof, surmounted by five kalashas, is visible. His long tail is decorated with a small bell. The green-hued god, with a fierce countenance, wears the tirukkorampam (golden headband) and various types of earrings; his chest is covered by a golden kavacha (armour) with embossed motifs just beneath the pectoral muscles. He wears short trousers tied at the waist by a sash from which hang four black decorative tassels, and a jewelled band hangs from his hips. A floral garland hangs from his shoulders.

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